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Make life miserable by pulling pranks on your neighbours

We've all encountered Neighbours from Hell at one point or another, watering their plants where you're trying to line dry your laundry, or deciding to do some loud DIY home- repairs early on a Saturday morning. That seems bad, but believe me, that's nothing compared to the antics awaiting you, and your neighbours, in this game.

Make life miserable for your neighbor

The curious but descriptive title, Neighbours from Hell, points to an original and friendly adventure in which your mission is to make life miserable for your neighbor, pulling all the pranks you can think of.

Find the winning combination

To prank your neighbour, you're given a bunch of different objects– to be used in certain places or in combination with one another– to make sure you really get your neighbour good.

Drawing anime style graphics

The game features excellent graphics, with funny, cartoon-style characters accompanied by quirky music and sound effects.

A neighbourly game

If you want to have a laugh at the expense of your neighbours, without harming anyone, Neighbours From Hell is your best choice.


  • Really fun
  • A good adaptation


  • Repetitive
  • Playability is a bit limited

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Neighbours From Hell


Neighbours From Hell 2 Demo for PC

User reviews about Neighbours From Hell

  • angelique hattingh

    by angelique hattingh

    im love this game the pranks are funny i love it it is my nomber one game

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    this game is amazing... no virus and i realy recommend if u are bored

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    its nice and ok.
    okay for the download and even nice for the game but 8.7(rates) because not addicting :)

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Do not download!.
    Totally full of adware! Avast has been cleaning my computer since yesterday!

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    it's good
    amazing awesome
    Pros: rgrdgfg
    Cons: hhrrhhrz

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Its A Classic. I recommend this amazing game to anyone who doesn't have anything else to do. Altho the graphics aren't tMore

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